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BeeryRio File Xchange


User Login

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Each user must login to access the File Xchange. Users are allowed to view only those projects to which they have been assigned as members.

Projects Summary

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This primary screen displays all projects currently assigned by the Admin to the User. Only those projects assigned to the User are displayed.

Project Details

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Details of any Project can be seen by clicking on a Project from the Project Summary.

Project Details show current files for the given Project. Users can search for files and sort the results by column headers. Files are downloaded by clicking on any file title.

All file downloads are logged and email notification is sent to the Admin User.

Message of the Day

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The Admin User can easily post a message to be seen by all users after a successful login.

File Manager

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Users can easily manage any files they have uploaded. Current files are listed and can be deleted from the same screen. Files can also be uploaded easily.

All file uploads automatically trigger email notification to all other Project Members!

File Uploads

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Files can be uploaded easily through a simple web form. All uploads are fully validated so no important data is forgotten and each file is properly assigned to a given Project.

Automatic email notifications are sent to each member of a Project upon upload.

User Profiles

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Each user has complete control over their own user profile. Editing of contact information can be easily updated at any time. All data is fully validated and formatted for consistency.

Email Notifications

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Email is automatically sent for the following:
  • Admin notifications for all file accesses
  • Project Member notifications for all file uploads

Activity Logs

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User activity is logged and can be accessed by the Admin user. The log can be filtered by User and Project. The following is logged activity:
  • Login and logout
  • File download
  • File removal

Email Templates

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The contents of all automated emails are controlled with a template system. Templates can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Manage Users

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Users can be easily added, edited and deleted from the Xchange.

Manage Projects

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Projects can be added, edited and deleted. Users are also assigned to Projects here.


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