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Williamsburg Area Restaurant Association Dining Guide

Prominent Search Links

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What do visitors to a Dining Guide site want to do first? Search for restaurants of course!

Two search buttons are placed in full view and invites the user to search the Dining Guide or View All Restaurants with one click.

Detailed Search

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User can easily find just the right restaurant they are looking for using multiple criteria including:
  • Cuisine
  • Meals Served (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner)
  • Price Range
  • Services Offered
  • Facilities Available
  • Holidays Open

Recall Search

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Searches are automatically memorized so you can recall your last search at the click of a button!

This makes refining your last search as easy as one click.

Quick Search

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By placing an easily accessible Quick Search on every page, the user can easily find any restaurant.

Gift Certificate Banners

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Visitors can securely and safely order gift certificates from the website that are good at over 50 participating WARA restaurants.

Banners are placed at the top of every page to ensure that this feature is easily accessed.

Results Criteria

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Search results are always preceded with the search criteria that was selected by the user. This is extremely helpful in reminding the user just what they are looking at.

New Search Links

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New search links are placed at the top of all results pages making new searches easy to access for the user.

Restaurant Images

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WARA Members can log in securely at any time to add images of their restaurant including a logo or photographs.

Restaurant Details

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Visitors have access to detailed information for each restaurant including:
  • Cuisine Types
  • Address
  • Map Links
  • Phone Number
  • Web Site Link
  • Services
  • Facilities

Menus & Gift Certificates

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Each restaurant has the ability to upload their own menu or provide a link to an online menu for visitors to easily access.

Participating restaurants also show Gift Certificate order buttons to allow gift certificates to be ordered securely and safely online.

Price Guide

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Pricing information is displayed in an easy to read format that gives a quick visual indication of the price range for each meal served.

Member Admin

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WARA members have the ability to access their own listing for administration purposes. Once logged in, they have the ability to:
  • Add themselves to the Dining Guide
  • Edit their listing information
  • Add/edit a website link
  • Upload a menu
  • Convert menus to PDF format

In addition, the WARA Master Administrator has the ability to:

  • Add, edit or delete any member listing
  • Change passwords
  • Edit automatic emails to new members
  • Print all records

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