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Launch Date: Jan 2015 - ARCHIVED

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Educators on Demand is a service that connects adjunct, part-time faculty and institutions of higher learning. But unlike any of the usual Internet job boards, we guide applicants to provide the full array of their credentials before job opportunities are even posted – so that Colleges and Universities can feel confident selecting them at a moment's notice if needed.

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Short of publishing the pages of a diary, it is often difficult to summarize an experience that took place over the course of several months. Nonetheless, I will try to convey to the best of my ability the remarkable experience I had with Susan and Richard at

The two of them work as a closely-knit team, each taking care of the area of expertise in which they specialize. Susan is a fine graphic designer and is fully conversant with color theories as well as graphical concepts. She is most effective in insuring that her work not only speaks to the eye of the viewer, but also guides their mind.

Richard is an immensely creative and talented person who has the gift to turn raw ideas into websites. Nothing seems to exceed his abilities: “Richard, could you please add this feature to the website?”: “Sure, no problem” is his trademark answer. “Could you tweak the look if this page?”: “Sure, right away”. “Could you add some pizzazz to this screen?”: “Consider it done!”. “Could you modify the angle to the earth axis?” … well, that may take a couple days...

Susan and Richard took my project from a sketch on a piece of paper to a fully developed world-class website, and did so almost effortlessly. Words can hardly describe my appreciation for their fabulous work. I will say, however, that I look forward to working with them again in the future as they patiently inject their creativity into my ideas to create a product that, no doubt, will once again exceed my expectations.

Educators on Demand, LLC
Gian Paolo Cappuzzo Ph.D.
Educators on Demand, LLC

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"To develop a great website you need people that truly understand all aspects of web design. The team at wdtp web development undoubtedly understands web design. Your understanding of our needs and your talent and creativity has resulted in a great product."
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