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MathSense In person tutoring

"Working with WDTP was fantastic! I had no experience launching a website and was a little nervous. Richard walked me through the process from initial ideas to a great outcome. His team found terrific images and created a very user friendly website that one client described as 'beautiful and it gave me confidence that you were a professional'. Thank you WDTP!"

Lee Folsom
MathSense In-Person Tutoring
Wythe Candy & Gourmet

"After looking at various options to build and launch our Wythe Candy & Gourmet website, we decided to stay local and partner with Rich and his team at Web Development Technology. Considering several factors such as overall cost, local proximity where we could meet and discuss our needs face-to-face, and of course a quality product; we decided that Web Development was the perfect partner for us.

As our needs changed during the process and our day-to-day business needs took first priority, Rich was patient and helped us navigate the process extremely well. Now that our site is up and running, Rich has been incredibly accessible and flexible to make the desired changes without delay.

Thank you to Rich and the Web Development team for the wonderful customer service and quality product!"

Wythe Candy & Gourmet
The Williamsburg Institute - Where History Makers Meet

"Rich Tisdale at Web Development Technology Partners did an incredible job creating the website for our organization. Not only was the product fresh and creative, his services were professional, fast, very responsive, and thorough. I couldn't recommend WDTP more highly!"

Chris Caracci, Executive Director
The Williamsburg Institute
Liz Moore and Associates

"I was referred to WDTP when I first launched my company back in 2003. I remember meeting with Rich, and leaving disappointed because although I was impressed, I felt he was too expensive for my budget at the time, and I couldn't afford to hire WDTP. I hired a less expensive web designer, and rationalized my decision based on finances.

3 years later, I found myself needing to completely overhaul my web presence; clearly, hiring a less expensive designer had been a big mistake, and actually cost me far more money than had I hired WDTP from the beginning. Choosing the less expensive option cost me valuable time and money - expensive lesson learned! I've been working with WDTP ever since & they have designed numerous websites and database projects for me.

Rich is amazing & he is incredibly talented, creative, bright, engaged. But, even more important to me is that he is personally committed to my business success. Unlike so many vendor relationships where I am simply an account, Rich and Susan take a genuine interest in my progress. Cheesy as it may sound, I feel like they are business partners. They proactively look for ways to help me generate business, and are as anxious about my results as I am.

The past few years have been tough in the real estate market, and I was forced to make drastic cuts in a number of segments of my business in order to stay on budget. One thing I was unwilling to cut was my online marketing strategy budget, and actually, I increased my investment in technology, despite considerable pressure to the contrary. That decision has served me well, and I am convinced that much of our overall business success is directly attributable to our online marketing success.

I feel blessed to have Rich and Susan on my team. If you are struggling with a decision about who to hire to help you with your web presence/strategy or about how much it's appropriate that you spend, please don't hesitate to call me. I would be more than happy to share my personal experience and thoughts about WDTP. "

Liz Moore
Liz Moore & Associates Real Estate
The Pet Resort at Greensprings

In this day and age, we knew having a website that is user friendly and appealing is essential to for customer engagement. As new business owners at the Pet Resort at Greenspring we had some ideas of what we wanted with regard to design and content but it was the team at Web Development Technology that brought our ideas to life. In addition, we needed a reservation software embedded into the website which the team easily integrated. Rich made the design process easy and pulled in additional links to make the website seamless to navigate. Since its inception, we have had a few updates along the way which were completed right away. We are very happy with the layout, pictures, and creativity WDTP brought to us- would highly recommend."Rich Tisdale at Web Development Technology Partners did an incredible job creating the website for our organization. Not only was the product fresh and creative, his services were professional, fast, very responsive, and thorough. I couldn't recommend WDTP more highly!"

Jill Russett, Owner
The Pet Resort at Greensprings
HENRY Equipment Sales

"Web Development Technology Partners, Inc. has been GREAT to work with when setting up my company website. When I started the process to get an updated website I had lots of ideas. Rich had a step by step process to get the website built correctly and the way I had envisioned. One of the things I was most impressed with is how he took the time and made the effort to listen and understand my ideas. He would make sure he fully understood what my ideas were so he could correctly implement them when building the website. I wanted an easy to use site for our customers, and numerous different functions for my team to use on the "Admin" side. I am extremely happy with my website, and everything works amazingly well for my business. One of the biggest things that has been nice for my company is how WDTP is quick to get back to us if we have questions, want or need to change things. I highly recommend WDTP if you are looking to build/update a website."

Justin Hockaday
Henry Equipment Sales
The Villages at West Neck

"WDTP provided our HOA Community, the Villages at West Neck, with a new website which has been very successful in marketing our community to the greater world & also very successful in providing, in a Resident Only access section, a website on which our 1600 residents can now easily find community announcements, club information, our calendar, HOA documents, photos, etc. Developing a website such as ours, that is both beautiful and highly functional, is a complex operation - WDTP took on this challenge and succeeded by sharing their great depth of knowledge - and doing so with speed and courtesy!"

Janet Blohm
Villages at West Neck
Serenity Spa

"Rich and Susan are most knowledgeable in web design and web marketing. They are prompt with service and the work is always above my expectations. Very professional! High quality! You would benefit with them as a business partner!"

Mares Contracting

"Our company uses WDTP for web hosting and they have helped us design and redesign two websites. Rich and his team took the time to understand our needs and goals, they were attentive & patient throughout the entire process and delivered a final product that we are extremely happy with."

MARES contracting